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Growing up in South East Texas, Old western folk tales of Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, and the all too famous tales of Jessie James robbing trains and taking the gold were stories my 5 older sisters and I loved to hear before our folks would make us say our prayers and put our heads down for the night. From an early age in my life these tales just fascinated me so much so that I eventually went to college for my B.A. in American History. It wasn’t long after this that I started in the rare coin business. I was blessed enough to not only meet but build lifelong friendships with some of the greatest minds in modern day coinage. I’ve had the opportunity to sell tens of millions of dollars of precious metals , building some of the finest collections in multiple categories, one of which has won the award for being the finest type 2 Double Eagle set (1866-1876) for 5 years straight as of today , and then once again I was extremely honored to have the opportunity of brokering my first seven figure deal that contained the Finest Known 1795 $5 Small Eagle and the 1795 10 $ eagle , which are the first gold coins the United Stated minted for production while President George Washington was in office .

Like most entrepreneurs I got to a point in my business life that simply selling coins just wasn’t fulfilling my passion for numismatics. I’ve since taken dozens of classes, seminars, lectures, coin shows, and anything else that I believe can keep my passion growing. Here at Big Thicket Coin and Bullion we have an amazing
group of individuals who have dedicated part of their life to making sure that clients like yourself get extraordinary service, unsurpassed quality of coins, competitive pricing, with unparalleled knowledge and limitless resources. Big Thicket Coin and Bullion isn’t going anywhere, and our hope is neither will you.


Mike White (Chief Numismatist)